January 18, 2010

Falling Slowly

Lately, it’s been slow here at He Shoots… I haven’t lost my will to take photographs; it’s just that there haven’t been too many events which I thought I could photograph. Worse, last year’s subway incident has made me even more hesitant in photographing events with strangers in attendance. However, weather permitting, I’m pretty sure that one of my next shoots will be the Bloor-Yorkville Ice Fest next month.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been out and about; au contraire, thanks to my Digital Cleanse, I’ve been seeking more opportunities to enjoy what Toronto has to offer. For example, I attended a Pillow Fight League event last week; I had a blast watching women fight each other while swinging pillows. Mind you, the intermission was a sad reminder of my inability to break into mutually exclusive clique circles, but it didn’t ruin my night by any means.

This Thursday evening, I’ll have another chance to have a fun night without any assistance from Nicky. I’ll be attending ING Direct’s Meet and Tweet at the Darkhorse Espresso Bar. I did some recon last week on the venue; it looks as if I’ll need to learn how to break the ice with strangers if I’m going to enjoy myself.

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