November 18, 2009

Maybe Tomorrow

I'm usually in a good mood when I come back home from a photo shoot. Tonight, it's a different story.

I was on my way to an art opening at Christopher Cutts Gallery, but before going there, I decided to make a detour to Yonge and Bloor. Earlier in the day, structural damage on the Yonge line caused a closure between Bloor and Eglinton stations, which inevitably messed up the evening commute. I decided to take a few shots at the aforementioned intersection in hopes of capturing, at the very least, a decent picture of the rush-hour chaos.

This is the only image I ended up keeping; it's called "Stuck."


After taking this shot, I carried my camera on my tripod to the next location, i.e. the southwest corner of the intersection. While doing so, a security guard at Hudson's Bay Centre decided to give me a hard time; when she saw my cargo, she mentioned that I wasn't allowed to take photographs. Unfortunately, since she failed to note that the lens cap was still on my camera, she made a huge idiot of herself.

Anyway, after taking a few more shots, I headed to the art opening, which definitely did not go without a hitch. I could name quite a few, but the biggest one was carrying my tripod. I used it when I first arrived, but due to the number of people in attendance, it was a liability which slowed me down. I ended up stashing it and using my hands instead, but the shoot still proved to be somewhat difficult.

The journey home was also laden with misery. I took a few shots of someone sleeping on the subway, but right after doing so, a former photography teacher engaged me in a discussion about taking photographs without permission. As he introduced himself to me, I knew what was coming; I'm actually surprised that this didn't happen sooner. The discussion never became heated, but I knew I couldn't justify what I just did, especially when I placed myself in my subject's shoes.

I ended up deleting those photos, along with every other photo I took tonight except for the one above. For the record, I'm also going to delete all of my previous photos of sleepers on public transit.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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