January 26, 2010

Increasing The Dot

As I said in my last post, I attended ING Direct’s Meet and Tweet last Thursday evening. Despite initially feeling overwhelmed due to being surrounded by strangers, disaster was definitely averted. Besides having a few new followers for my Twitter page, I also have a reconnection with a former high school classmate whom I had not seen in twelve years. Initially, I couldn’t understand his introduction, but when he pointed at his name tag, no more words were necessary.

I don’t expect this to happen at the next event I’ve signed up for, but it wouldn’t hurt. Dinnerworks is hosting a launch party at the Ultra Supper Club, where it will officially change its name to The Works. Given the environment and the type of people who will likely be in attendance, the stakes are higher for this gathering. In other words, I will either confidently break the ice with strangers or spend a few hours playing the wallflower.

As for my camera gear, it will once again stay home (apart from Old Faithful, but this is by no means guaranteed). Having said that, WinterCity is fast approaching; I’m already making plans to shoot a few of the events at Nathan Phillips Square. Seeing that this is a photoblog, I can’t talk about my socializing efforts forever…

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