December 02, 2009

A Crash Course In Photoshop Elements

I recently shot a few photographs for a client. It was pretty similar to previous shoots I've done, but there was one big difference: editing was de rigeur. I'm not merely talking about removing hotspots, but serious removing entire shadow bars.

This, ladies and gentlemen, required me to walk by faith. ;-)

When I was asked if I could remove that shadow bar, I responded in the affirmative, thinking that there must have been other Photoshop Elements 4 (PE4) features that I didn't fully explore yet. Thankfully, I was right; as of Tuesday evening, I have a few more weapons in my arsenal: the healing brush (similar to the spot healing brush), clone stamp, blur and smudge tools. Through pure initiative, tenacity and trial and error (plenty of error, I might add), I've not only removed that shadow bar, but I've also managed to remove hotspots which were too complex for the spot healing brush to handle.

I spent a few late nights and early mornings getting my edits just right, but as I looked at them with brand new eyes* (i.e. non-fatigued eyes) this morning, I was quite pleased with my results. When I show my work to my client later, I hope he'll also be pleased.

Other than the minor task of finishing two corners, my work is done.

*That's a Paramore reference. Yes, I'm a fan.

*EDIT at 12:45 p.m.* I forgot to mention...there's a reason why I can't show you the results. ;-)

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