December 04, 2009

Photography Rule #1

I should have learned my lesson after my first encounter with a "work interruption" from nature's call - but noooo...

I was photographing the Cavalcade Of Lights display in Yorkville yesterday night when I felt the need to pee. I initially thought that I'd be able to put off a trip to the washroom until this shoot was over, but my assumption was grossly incorrect. Ergo, I made my way to a nearby concourse and hatched a plan to prevent unintentional fertilization.

Unfortunately, this plan was hampered due to these relatively minor realities:
  • Since I had my tripod, I had to pack it before I could find a washroom.
  • My camera also needed to be packed.
Both tasks were made much harder due to the fact that at any given moment, I could have made like Avril Lavigne and let go. Fortunately, not only did I pack without any casualties, I also found a nearby washroom at Winners' Bloor Street location.

If you don't take any other piece of advice at this blog, please - for God's sake and yours - take this one. Consider it Photography Rule #1: don't drink too much liquid before a shoot.

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