September 17, 2009

Occupational Hazard

I worked out at the gym yesterday afternoon; during my workouts, I drink quite a bit of water in order to keep myself hydrated. Yesterday was no different, except for my plans to take photos at Roy Thomson Hall for TIFF's red carpet galas right after my workout.

The more astute among you may have already figured out where this story is going. For the rest of you, I'll just say that I made sure to get the yellow out right before leaving the gym.

Anyway, I arrived at the scene of my photo shoot and staked out what I thought was a good spot. As the screening time of Cooking With Stella drew closer, I noticed two things:
  • the air was getting colder
  • I'd eventually have to get the yellow out again

The second point proved to be my downfall. After the movie's cast started arriving (in rickshaws, no less), I eventually had to leave my position and answer nature's call. After I returned, I waited a few minutes to see if I could reposition myself at the security fence for the next gala, but to no avail. I eventually decided that Natalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow weren't worth waiting for, probably due to being afraid of having to go again.

Bitterly disappointed, I headed to Yonge-Dundas Square and waited for the start of The National Ballet Of Canada's presentation. Note to self: for future photo shoots, watch your liquid intake!

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