December 01, 2009

My Best Shot Of 2009

December has arrived, so let the reflective posting begin!

While I was uploading my Cavalcade Of Lights pictures yesterday night, I noticed the Flickr blog's latest entry. Basically, members are being asked to sumbit their best shot of 2009.

There wasn't too much thinking behind this decision. Drum roll, please...

The Wait Is Over (D60 Remix)

This is the D60 remix of "The Wait Is Over," which I took a few days after purchasing my Nikon D60. I originally shot this photo with Old Faithful, but there was no way for me to freeze the bus (as you can see below).

The Wait Is Over

I first saw the graffiti on a joyride of the Cosburn 87 bus, promising to return when I had my point-and-shoot camera on me. Right before my first attempt, I got the idea to take this photograph with a bus going westbound. After purchasing my D60, I took this same shot in shutter priority mode; I was successful upon the fourth attempt.

I didn't just pick this shot for the shot itself, but what happened after I posted it. Not only was this was my first shot to be faved by a Flickr member, but it was also the first to be featured at a website. On September 8th, this was the accompanying image for blogTO's Morning Brew.

Perhaps I've taken photographs which were technically better, but sometimes, the technical aspects need to take a back seat.

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