December 16, 2009

Genghis Khan's First Conquest

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a crash course in Photoshop Elements - specifically, a few tools which I had never used until that point. A brief recap: I was asked to edit a few photographs for a client, but these edits were beyond the scope of my then-current experience. Fortunately, I found the right tools to help me in my mission.

This afternoon, I can report that this mission is not only accomplished, but that my client is pleased with my efforts. To make a long story short, I recently returned from delivering his images and getting paid for the photos.

Yes, you read that right - I got paid for taking photographs.

I'm not rolling in dough by any means, nor am I planning an early retirement (yet). However, in case anyone still thinks that this gig is a pipe dream (myself included), at least that pipe is still overflowing with optimism.

As for the title of this entry, it comes from this tweet. Perhaps my muscles are getting soft due to a lack of working out, but my ego is still as healthy as it ever was. :-)

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