December 15, 2009

Keeping Track

Even though my ultimate goal is to earn a viable income from my photographs, I sometimes think that this gig is nothing more than a pipe dream to shield me from getting a day job. Even if I end up doing another full-time job, however, I'll never completely give up my ambitions.

Case in point: I have two files on my computer where I've listed my accomplishments since starting this blog. One is ordered by date and lists my camera gear purchases as well as photo features; the other is ordered alphabetically and solely lists photo features. At the time of this posting, I've had my photos featured 43 times, including appearances at Wikipedia, blogTO and Toronto Life. I don't only do this for self-encouragement, but also to strengthen my case for photography employment if the opportunity ever arises.

I don't mean to sound proud, but I'm surely not done updating those files just yet.


mszeballos said...

Check out or @rumon on Twitter. Rumon's a friend and I really admire his work with a camera. I think the two of you may have a thing or two in common. Best of luck on your path. I look forward to return visits.

Tsar Kasim said...

Thanks, Mszeballos.

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