November 24, 2009

Letting Go In Leslieville?

Usually, the decision to photograph an event comes pretty easily to me. After all, I'm trying to make a name for myself as a photographer before the middle of 2010, so I need to take every opportunity that I can afford to take. However, an upcoming event may be an opportunity of a different kind.

Kristen Gale is holding a soirée for the grand opening of The Ten Spot's Leslieville location on December 10th. Barring a practice for my church's upcoming cantata, I'll definitely be in attendance. What I'm doubtful about at this point, however, is whether any members of my crew will be coming with me.

Ever since the incident where I was gently chastised for photographing people without their permission, I've taken a more careful approach when the situation has called for it. For example, at the Swarovski Crystal Wish Tree cemerony, I didn't photograph any children when they were on stage. How was I to know that the parents in attendance would have approved of a total stranger photographing their offspring and doing God-knows-what with the photographs? Not only that, but at the Median Contemporary shoot on that same evening, a few people expressly told me that they didn't want their photos taken. I'm pretty sure that there will be people at the soirée who will just want to get their nails done and/or have a good time, but they won't expect a dude taking photographs for whatever reason.

I also don't want to feel as if the only reason that I'm attending events is to take photographs. I want to be able to leave the camera gear at home and still have a good time, as opposed to using it as my social crutch. Mind you, I've never been a social butterfly. I still remember the disastrous Lush party a few years ago, where I basically made a fool of myself and left with my tail between my legs. It's a lot easier for me to interact with strangers when a viewfinder separates us.

In light of that event plus a recent incident at a downtown Lululemon where I became a self-conscious social disaster, attending this soirée without my crew may not be a good idea.

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