September 23, 2009


After my workout this afternoon, I headed to Sonic Boom in order to purchase a used copy of Big Loada by Squarepusher. That plan had one very minor problem: the CD wasn't available. Undeterred, I looked for a "replacement" CD to buy, eventually settling upon Tonic by Medeski Martin & Wood. I mentally noted the price and proceeded to the cash register.

On my way there, I looked at a few other CDs - but right before going to the register again, the thought of leaving empty-handed crossed my mind. Normally, I'd ignore that thought, especially considering the inexpensive price. However, I eventually returned Tonic to its shelf, thinking that the price of $9.95 would be better spent on camera a Nifty Fifty lens.

This post is bound to become moot when I purchase the upcoming Switchfoot album, but that doesn't matter right now.

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