February 25, 2010

I Go Blind

Yesterday evening’s shoot at Freedom Clothing Collective was, for the most part, business as usual. Despite my sudden loss of social skills (perhaps resulting from this entry), I managed to shoot some pretty good photographs. There was one moment, however, where I literally couldn’t shoot anything.

I’m in pretty good health overall; thankfully, this includes my eyes. However, they sometimes become very itchy and irritated to the point where I can’t keep them open for a few seconds. Worse, since I don’t know when to expect these sudden itch attacks, I can’t really prepare for them. These attacks are relatively infrequent, but their occurrences are unpleasant and potentially dangerous. I don’t have a driving license yet, but if one of these attacks happens while I’m driving, it could turn into a life-threatening situation.

That didn’t happen last night, but the experience was nonetheless agonizing. I was taking pictures of Mason Bach during Airheart’s performance when the eye irritation suddenly started. For about thirty seconds, my next shot was not the most important thing; I wanted this episode to end. When it did, I saw that the irritation caused my eyes to turn red. Thankfully, this was the last attack I dealt with for the night.

The resulting set of photos didn’t take a hit. Having said that, if I ever have the opportunity to photograph the shot of my life, I hope it’s not ruined by eye irritation.

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