February 24, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here

Every photo shoot comes with its set of challenges. I encounter some of them every time, like adjusting my camera’s settings to achieve optimal exposures. There are others, however, that are unique to a few shoots. For example, consider Monday’s night’s opening event for Fireside Culture Week. In addition to the problems I experienced with my rangefinder, Lady Luck Productions presented me with challenges of a different kind.

Consider the following photos.

FCW Opening Night #28

FCW Opening Night #34

Given the sexy outfits and dance moves, it was tempting for me to let my imagination and hormones run wild. This not only could have led to photographic indiscretions, but personal ones as well. On the former front, despite my desire to accurately reflect the happenings of any given event, I don’t want my photos to be mistaken for any kind of pornography.

Having said that, for transparency’s sake, I’ll display what I think is the raciest photo of this shoot.

FCW Opening Night #22

On the latter front, my purpose in covering events is shooting ‘em up, not picking ‘em up. In layman’s terms, at the end of any given photo shoot, I only want to bring my camera gear home with me. No matter how beautiful my subjects are, I can’t afford to give up professional integrity for the sake of pursuing sexual conquests. My Christian faith and desire to be a virgin until marriage play significant roles in this endeavour.

Even if they didn’t, think about what could happen if I put the moves on someone right after gaining their trust while photographing them. Being a lothario probably doesn’t do wonders for repeat business.

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