January 08, 2010

Balancing Act

When I was outsourced from my last job, I thought I had two alternatives: keep looking for another day job, or go back to school to retrain in a different field. However, this blog and my camera gear purchases have enabled me to take a slight detour which I'm grateful for.

Unfortunately, it has become evident that I’ll need to take on another day job. I've recently completed my budget spreadsheet for 2010; unless I acquire a well-paying and stable source of income, my own income will take a big drop near the middle of the year. Worse, if my employment insurance (EI) benefits are revoked this week, my income will nosedive even sooner.

Also, the prospect of going back to school is unattractive right now. My preference would have been to attend one of Ontario's public colleges as part of the Second Career program. However, a strike by college teachers seems imminent. If I was already enrolled, I would have been on an emotional rollercoaster much like the one I encountered during the outsourcing process.

Very soon, I will be blowing the dust off of my résumé and making improvements to it. Upon completion, I'll engage in an all-out job searching blitz for the sake of my future. I'll also be preparing myself for the inevitable balancing act between this job and my blog.

Have no fear, though - the blog may not be so active in a few months, but it is in no danger of dying. I'll make sure of that.

(Originally completed during my digital cleanse on January 5, 2010 at 11:04 p.m.)

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