November 22, 2009

No Regrets

Yesterday afternoon, I bumped into someone who worked in the same department as I did; his job was outsourced to India along with mine. Like many other people who were let go, he was recalled due to the resulting backlog. For the record, I haven't been given any offers to return; even if I was, I'd turn them down.

Yes, you read that right. I'd gladly turn down the opportunity to return to my former employer.

I'd really like to have a stable source of income, but I refuse to give up the happiness that comes with doing what I want to do in a way that I want to do it. Some people never encounter the feeling that comes from doing work which comes naturally. Thanks to my crew (particularly Old Faithful), I'm no longer one of those people.

Also, despite the small number of people who make my shoots unpleasant, I also refuse to give up the social opportunities which arise from my current vocation. For instance, at the Median Contemporary shoot a few evenings ago, one of the artists shot a few photos of me while I was shooting her work. Yesterday, I received a Facebook friend request from her, which I gladly accepted...after reminding myself who she was, of course.

I'd much rather deal with people like her than some of my former co-workers. One of them made a particularly bad impression; her cold disposition eventually led to my cold shoulder. For example, after I greeted her one morning, she had the audacity to come to my desk and request that I lower my voice when saying "Good morning" to her. I decided not to speak to her after that incident.

If everything comes crashing down and I don't make a single penny from this new gig, I'll have no regrets. If I don't realize my ambition to become a successful photographer and end up finding another day job, I'll still have no regrets. I'm happy and proud to be charting my own course and doing something meaningful for once in my life.

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