November 03, 2009

Kicking The Bucket

Last week, I described being very nervous about an upcoming photo shoot. However, I need not have worried.

For those who haven't clued in yet, Rui Pimenta and Kal Mansur invited me to shoot more photos of the artwork at Median Contemporary; they were impressed by my pictures from a few weeks ago. I approached this shoot as a test to see whether my previous pictures were flukes, but that viewpoint was somewhat misguided. Before I even started shooting, Kal and I talked about my previous shooting experience and how to get myself out there, among other things. To make a long story short, I was further emboldened in the path I'm taking towards my next job.

Using a tripod for the first time didn't hurt, neither, even though it wasn't mine.* Even with the obvious advantages, this is where having only three focus points really hurts. Due to this weakness, I often had to get my desired subject in focus, then recompose the shot. I often do this when I'm not using a tripod, but the process is a bit tougher with one. Furthermore, if I knew that I would have been using a tripod, I would have brought my wireless controller. The lack of one doesn't really hurt, but it would have made me look more like a professional. As I've said before, if you act like a professional, you'll be treated as such.

Between this shoot and the West End Food Co-op event (where Mr. Diffuser got worked), yesterday was a good day.

*When I do get a tripod, I'm going to call it "Legs."

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