October 25, 2009

Unofficially Official

I had a great time shooting photos at Thrill The World Toronto last night. Even though the Harbourfront Community Centre's gymnasium had a high ceiling which pretty much disabled me from bouncing my flash, Nifty and Speedy were once again able to come up with really good shots.

There was one moment, however, where I thought I'd have to leave the centre of the action. Right before the participants started their dancing, we were told that non-dancers and unofficial media would have to leave the gym. Being unaffiliated with any news agencies, I normally would have made my way to the door and made the best of the lemons I'd been given. Last night, however, I decided to use a different strategy: I'd "act official" and risk getting banished to the audience's quarters. This didn't involve doing anything too differently, apart from taking photographs and minding my own business.

The plan worked beautifully and nothing strange happened. As a result, I have photos from the actual Thriller The World dance to share with you. Since I'm uploading the set to Flickr, you'll see them shortly after I publish this post.

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