October 23, 2009

Turning Crap Into Solid Gold

Yesterday evening, I showed up at The Ferret & Firkin for the Rock Band Video Game Session. There was already one problem which I didn't know about beforehand: the event was cancelled. Looking at SemiSolidMedia's website would not have helped, as there is still no mention of the cancellation as I type this entry.

There was no way that I was gonna be stymied by an event cancellation. As I made my way back to Spadina station, I remembered that a free party was being held at the Drake Hotel as part of LG Fashion Week. Since I wasn't exactly dressed to impress, I thought the bouncer would have turned me away. Even with that possibility, I didn't make my way home just yet.

When I got off the streetcar at Queen and Beaconsfield, I noticed an event happening at Median Contemporary, a few doors east of the Drake. I dediced that before I risked bouncer rejection, I'd at least take another risk and see what this event was about. Rui Pimenta told me what I needed to know: I tripped upon a contemoprary art show. I figured that I'd make the guests uncomfortable if I whipped out Nicky, but Rui insisted that this was my call to make. After deciding that this would be the night's photo shoot and drinking a glass of white wine, I went to work.

Normally, this story would have ended when the photo shoot did. However, right before making my way home, Karen Corrillo recognized me from the night before. After inviting me inside the Drake Corner Café, she introduced me to Sarah Magwood, the young lady behind Cozette Vintage and Designs. Before our conversation started, I almost brought on another awkward moment by cracking wise again.

Rule number two: if you're going to tell someone that she looks like somebody famous, make sure to remember that famous person's name before you make your observation.

Fortunately, despite breaking that rule and being outnumbered three to one, I made it unscathed and turned crap into solid gold again.

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