October 02, 2009

This One's For Lorna

Before yesterday's 1st Annual Walk A Mile Toronto event, I was greeted by Lorna Freeman, Senior Consultant for Environics Communications. She thought that I was with a media agency since she saw me lying on my side to get a photograph (without a garbage bag again, I might add); I replied that I was part of the media.* Nonetheless, despite my lack of affiliation with a professional media agency, she graciously brought me to the media tent and gave me her card and a few press materials. Unfortunately, the folder itself was too big for my camera bag, but I made sure to keep the card and the actual materials.

The purpose of yesterday's walk was to draw attention to the issue of violence against women, particularly men's efforts to eradicate this phenomenon. According to the statistics I was given yesterday, "every minute of every day, a Canadian woman or child is being sexually assaulted." Also, "75% of Canadian men feel that it is quite important that men speak out about violence against women." Thanks to groups such as The White Ribbon Campaign and sponsors like Environics Communications and Zoom Media (three out of thirteen key sponsors), Walk A Mile Toronto is another step in drawing awareness and putting an end to violence against women.

For more information, feel free to check out any of the websites I've linked to above...and thanks, Lorna.

*I've used that line before, but it felt extra special yesterday.

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