October 03, 2009

Quick News Bite: Spare Battery Edition

While shooting the Smirnoff Ice event a few days ago, my camera's battery ran out. This wasn't a catastrophe since I took many shots and the Leafs' game was almost over, but what if this happened during a much more important shoot? Besides, running out of battery charge isn't the only danger when you're shooting photos. Let's not forget my spontaneous combustion incident from a few months back.

In order to prevent disasters like those, I'm going to shell out some cash for a spare battery this afternoon. Toronto has been having some cold weather recently; this negatively affects the battery's performance. While I'm shooting Nuit Blanche tonight, it's possible that my battery could lose all of its charge - but I'm not going to let that possibility ruin what could be a fantastic night.

Speaking of Nuit Blanche...you should know by now that it's gonna be on and poppin' from 6:55 p.m. tonight. Expect to see the results of my nightlong shoot tomorrow evening.

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