October 02, 2009

So What IS In A Name?

A few weeks ago, I designed my MOO cards. For the most part, this went off without a hitch. In hindsight, however, there is one element to which I should have given more thought: my name.*

Yes, folks - I didn't really think about putting my own name on my own card.

This sounds like another one of my brain cramps, but I did briefly consider putting my real handle. I ended up putting this blog's title, a tagline, plus two URLs and my email address. Now that I think about it, I probably could have ditched the Flickr URL and worked my name in there.

The good news is that I only ordered 100 cards. If yesterday's shoots are anything to go by, I'll have no problem getting rid of them. ;-)

*A more accurate sentence would read, "In hindsight, helped along by one person who pointed out that my name wasn't on my card."

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