October 13, 2009

Quick News Bite: Shroombab Edition

DJ Shroombab's Neurotech Fever mix is wrapping up as I begin this entry; it's a high-energy drum 'n bass mix I downloaded last year. I like to crank up music like this (or anything energetic) when I'm editing photos or doing batch edits in Flickr.

Anyway, I sometimes Google myself to find out who is talking about me or using my photos. I never know what will arise when I do this, but sometimes, I get surprised. Such was the case earlier this evening, when I found out that paralympian Josh Cassidy used two of my photos from the Cheer event in one of his blog entries. Not only that, but he even posted a link to this blog. As expected, I've already showed my appreciation at his blog.

Tomorrow brings another photo shoot in the form of a concert. Jessie Farrell will be performing at First Canadian Place's waterfall stage at 12:15 p.m. If I'm not mistaken, she'll be signing autographs after her performance.

Onward and upward!

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