October 13, 2009

Guten Tag

This entry's title is German for "good day," but there's another reason why I chose it. Read on...

No matter what, I always tag my photos when I upload them to Flickr. Even though I can add any number of tags to any number of photos via batch editing, this can still take a while if individual photos need individual tags. Heck, this can take even longer if I have to do additional research via Google in order to correctly identify people in any given photo. However, no matter how much time is spent on this process, it's always worth it.

Case in point: a few days after my Pulling For The Hungry photo shoot, the lead singer of Times (Alexander J. Yolevsky) added me as a Flickr contact. Unfortunately, due to my difficulty in finding information for his band, I didn't know that it was him. Only after Googling myself yesterday did I find out what I needed to know, including this singer's name. After I learned that Times used my photos at its Facebook page, I put two and two together and tagged the relevant photos with the new information.

When you add the fact that there was an official photographer for the event, it's even more amazing that my photos were chosen. This could have been due to her photos being fully copyrighted; in contrast, mine were under a Creative Commons license. This also could have been due to Mr. Yolevsky's ease in finding his band's photos thanks to my tagging efforts.

I certainly hope that it's the second possibility, moreso than the first one.

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