September 20, 2009

TK Meets Chuck D

Yesterday evening's Wrap Party for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was memorable for a number of reasons. Between seeing the man behind the "Funky Drummer" break (Clyde Stubblefield), songs like The Chemical Brothers' "It Doesn't Matter" and the drum 'n bass music which was played near the end, having a good time was inevitable. However, having a celebrity encounter with Public Enemy's Chuck D made my night. I confess that I'm not really into Public Enemy's music, but I do know about and respect Chuck D's status as a pioneering hip-hop icon. To some people, perhaps he's more famous for his debate with Metallica's Lars Ulrich about Napster - but I remember the voice behind songs like "Louder Than A Bomb" and "Fight The Power."

Anyway, Chuck was rapping and genially signing a lot of autographs for his audience during his appearance. I was taking photos during one of his autograph sessions when he suddenly turned my way and greeted me. Being a gentleman, I responded back - but the D wasn't done with me yet.

After giving me a fist bump much like one that Barack & Michelle Obama shared, he looked into my camera and pushed his fist out. You know what happened next.

The fist is out of focus, but I honestly don't care about that. What really counts is that, in a week where I attended red carpet events to get close to celebrities, a non-red carpet event ended up giving me my favourite shot of this year's TIFF.

Thanks, Chuck D. Much respect.

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