September 25, 2009

Quick News Bite: Brain Cramp Edition

This morning, as I looked at one of the photos I posted to Flickr yesterday, I realized something. The watermark is where it should be, but there's no exclamation mark at the end. You'd think that I'd avoid that "mistake" when I just processed a whole slew of photos from my Leaside shoot, but hey...old age, right? (I turn thirty in about one month.)

I put "mistake" in quotes because, now that I think about it, the watermark looks better without the punctuation. Ergo, going forward, no more exclamation marks in my watermarks.

As for upcoming photo shoots: I want to shoot a Havana Cultura event tomorrow, but I don't think the weather is going to hold up. That's okay; an event I'm super stoked about is happening in one week: Nuit Blanche! Between my new DSLR camera and the tripod I'll be purchasing next week (and maybe the Nifty Fifty lens), I'm especially excited about this year's edition of NB.

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