September 24, 2009

Darkness Lifted (How I Redeemed My Day)

Shortly before I posted this entry, I listened to a Creflo Dollar sermon on fornication at YouTube. For any interested parties, I still have my V-card and I plan to keep it until my honeymoon. ;-) Anyway, the part which ended up changing the course of my day had nothing to do with sex. Rather, it was when Creflo asked, "What are you giving your attention to?"

Before that point, I was giving my attention to self-defeating thoughts and emotions; if I continued to do so, I would have wasted my day. Right after Creflo's question, I searched for the video where Will Smith and Tony Romo motivated a group of high school students - specifically, the one I posted here. While watching it, I decided to either buy more camera gear or do an unplanned photo shoot. I chose the latter option; my chosen location was a bridge I passed while joyriding the 100 Flemingdon Park bus.

I've already posted the results of my decision. No post, however, can do justice to the relief I feel after refusing to wallow in self-pity.

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