September 13, 2009

Crtl + Freak

This morning, before I went to church, I pondered the why behind my love for this gig, even with the inherent risks. One large reason is control; while I know this isn't the only answer, it's a very significant one. None of my past jobs, relationships or church activities have afforded me the ability to take complete control over the creative process from beginning to end.

When I'm shooting photographs, no one can tell me what or how to shoot. When I'm editing photos in Photoshop Elements, I don't have to think about someone else's possible opinion about my finished products. Everything starts with me and ends with me.

If ever a photography firm takes me on, I don't want to lose (or even compromise) that control. I'm not a control freak in other areas of my life, but since this is the only thing I have which no one else can touch, any loss of control would be akin to stabbing myself in the heart.

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