August 17, 2009

Scarborough Town Centre and area (Aug 17 2009)

I used to make a point of always having my camera with me in case any photo opportunities arose. I'm glad I restarted that habit today.

I like the perspective suggested by the structures in this photo.

On my way to McCowan R.T. station, I noticed a band of geese.

Here are a few of them crossing Triton Rd. I wanted a bus to arrive so that I could snap a shot of it waiting for the geese to finish crossing.

This goose was kind enough to let me take a few shots of it.

This goose is not sleeping; it's adjusting its feathers. Also note how the pole almost lines up with the goose's foot.

A profile shot of the first goose (kind of).

This goose was bringing sexy back...or, at the very least, showing off.

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