May 13, 2010

Blissed Off

I had been looking for a new phone for a few months. I was initially set on purchasing the LG Bliss, but my techno-lust grew so much that I started to consider acquiring a smartphone. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 was initially my cellphone of choice, but as time passed, my preference shifted to Apple’s iPhone.

After considering my habits (I mostly text and talk, but I don’t talk often) and the short- and long-term financial implications, I nixed the idea of owning a smartphone. I couldn’t justify paying at least fifty dollars per month for features I likely wouldn’t use. Besides, there are better things to do with a few hundred bucks than buying a phone up front – like buying new camera gear. ;-)

After returning to the idea of buying the Bliss, I did so last weekend.

It’s a big step up from my first cellphone, the Samsung a640, which I used on prepaid service for three years plus a few months. Thankfully, the Bliss is also available with prepaid service on Virgin Mobile (my provider), so I bypass the contract and steep monthly expenses. I’ve had it for less than one week, but it’s impressed the heck out of me thus far.

Last night, I discovered another reason (or five) to love it.

Thanks to the microSD card I bought yesterday afternoon, I can personalize the phone with my own photographs. This is rather cool.

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