March 05, 2010

France Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand is one of my favourite bands, so it follows that I'll be interested in almost anything that they're doing. Thanks to a tweet, I found out yesterday that they collaborated with French actress Marion Cotillard on a song for Dior: "The Eyes Of Mars."

It's my new favourite song for a few reasons:

  • Ms. Cotillard's voice suits the song pretty well
  • A few lyrical allusions to photography are made, particularly in the chorus
  • Speaking of that chorus, it packs quite the punch (à la P!nk's "So What")
  • It rocks
Here's the video below. Pay close attention to how Marion and Franz Ferdinand evoke Robert Palmer's videos when the choruses take centre stage.

I almost forgot...lip licking for the win!

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Jessica said...

Love this! I love Marion Cotillard. "La Vie en Rose" is one of my favourite movies.

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