February 02, 2010

More Is Less

Last year, I posted photo albums which contained a lot of photos. Jully Black’s Cavalcade Of Lights concert instantly springs to mind; I kept 102 photos from that set (out of 300-something). In retrospect, that number was too high, but uploading that many photos seemed like a good idea at the time.

Recently, however, my mentality has changed. Starting with the WinterCity shoots, my strategy has been to shoot as many good photographs as possible without uploading all of them. What this means is that I’m now more judicious in editing and deleting photos than I was last year. For example, I took almost 100 photos at yesterday night’s campaign launch for Adam Giambrone, but I only uploaded 26 of them. It shouldn’t take one hour (or even thirty minutes) to go through one of my Flickr photo albums, unless the corresponding event has a large scope like Nuit Blanche.

The days of hundred-photo uploads are over. I look forward to measuring my turnaround time in minutes, not hours.

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