January 28, 2010


Yesterday evening, I had the good fortune of listening to an interview with radio host and former Moxy Früvous member Jian Ghomeshi. His intelligence and gregariousness made for a memorable experience, along with the fact that he and his interviewer were perfect foils for each other. Much like my encounter with Jully Black, the good times didn’t stop when the actual event was over.

Thinking that I should snap a shot of the night’s interviewee, I got in line and waited for my turn. Before I got to the front, Mr. Ghomeshi looked at me and asked, “Are you the tweeter?” I was a bit surprised at this turn of events, but the truth is that I shouldn’t have been. Earlier in the day, I uploaded two pictures to TwitPic featuring my planned outfit for this event. My rationale was that if any of my Twitter followers recognized me, they could say hello and strike up a conversation. Obviously, I was hoping for success, but I never thought that my technique would have worked like this. Then again, tweeting my intentions using Jian’s Twitter name might have helped a little bit

After a brief conversation, I asked if he’d mind if I took a shot of him. He suggested that I should be in the shot with him; I declined at first, but he (wisely) insisted. Here is the resulting shot, taken by a fellow interview attendee.

As you can see, I should have adjusted my Kangol hat and my disposition, but at least my shirt looked fresh. I wasn't the only one who thought so. ;-)

*EDIT on Jan 29, 2010 at 12:20 a.m.* The above photo was taken by Allan, who has also written his impressions of Jian's interview.

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