November 12, 2009

She's Got Legs

I finally got my hands on a tripod earlier this afternoon. Say hello to my Manfrotto 190XDB tripod - "Legs" for short.

I raised one of the legs to increase the "seductiveness" of this shot, but I take no responsibility for the ensuing arousal. ;-)

The tripod came with an 804RC2 three-way head and set me back about $200.00 without taxes. I also got a bag which fits the tripod least, when two of the handles aren't screwed in.


Going in, I knew that I wanted a Manfrotto tripod due to that brand's good reputation. The decision came down to this tripod and a similar model with quick release plates and two foam grips for cold weather. I decided that I didn't want to pay an extra forty dollars for those features, so the 190XDB won out.

My first shoot with Legs will be on Saturday at Freedom Clothing Collective's Designer Saturdays event. I look forward to what she'll do for me.

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