October 01, 2009

Taking Stock

I often cheekily say that love costs money; anyone who has tried to maintain a relationship already knows that. Fortunately, most ladies aren't too eager to get close to me, as my whole church knows (if you were there, you know the score). Thankfully, I don't spend much money on romantic love.

I have, however, spent a lot of money on something I love doing: photography. As a matter of fact, I have all of my receipts relating to camera gear, starting with the purchase of the Nikon D60 itself.

Here's the tale of the tape. All purchases were made at Downtown Camera except where noted; prices exclude taxes.
  • Nikon D60 with 18-55mm VR f3.5-5.6G kit lens: $545.00
  • SanDisk Ultra II 4GB memory card: $39.99 (discounted to $35.00)
  • Transcend USB card reader: $21.99 (discounted to $20.00)
  • Two Kenko 52mm UV filters: $19.99 (the first one was discounted to $18.00)
  • Lowepro Omni Sport bag: $74.99 (discounted to $67.50)
  • Nexxtech InfiniCell 4-pack NiMH batteries: $19.99 (purchased at The Source)
  • Nikon SB-600 speedlight: $247.00
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens: $140.00
  • Nikon ML-L3 wireless remote: $24.99

With taxes, my purchases total $1,285.35, $307.89 which I currently have yet to pay off (that's 24% of my purchase total). It's a good thing that I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my funds and allocate them properly; otherwise, I'd be lost.

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