October 09, 2009

The Resistance

I would have simply titled this entry Resistance, but I had to give Muse a nod. :-)

I confess that yesterday evening's photo shoot at the Light The Night Walk wasn't exactly the time of my life. As the day turned into night, I had a hard time getting good pictures, even with my Nifty Fifty lens attached. Perhaps this was due to the dynamic nature of the main event (i.e. people were walking instead of standing still) and the fact that Nifty can't autofocus on my DSLR.

I also experienced a bit of resistance from potential photograph subjects, which is understandable. The event itself is personal for many attendees; I'm sure they didn't come to get their photographs taken by some amateur photographer. Also, I know my motives are beyond suspicion - but they don't. Alas, one family was straight-up in telling me that they weren't comfortable with the idea of their faces being put on a blog. As for the duo of volunteers near Sick Kids Hospital, they were also uncomfortable with that idea, despite their reluctance to say it outright. Instead of wasting time in waiting for an answer, I moved on.

Instead of wasting time thinking about what this photo shoot could have been, I'm moving on from that, too.

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