October 05, 2009

Quick News Bite: brand new eyes Edition

I bought Paramore's new album this afternoon, brand new eyes, after putting it off for a few days. I'm listening to it right now and it sounds pretty kickin'; the lyrics of "The Only Exception" could have come from my romantically-jaded mind. That doesn't mean I'm dating anyone, though! :-P

Speakin' of things that are kickin', the CBC's website just gave me a nice surprise. At their website's Nuit Blanche feature, one of the last photos I took at on Sunday morning is featured in the graphic in the bottom-right corner. Out of 299 photos currently in CBC's Nuit Blanche Flickr pool, six were featured in that same graphic; that translates to two percent when you crunch the numbers.

"Just watch my wildest dreams come true..." (Paramore, "Misery Business")

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