October 16, 2009


On my ride home last night, I had the opportunity to take a candid shot. A man in front of me was covering his ears due to the subway noise between Dupont and St. Clair West. Personally, I didn't think it was any louder than the noise between Wellesley and College. Anyway, I (unwisely) readied my shot, even placing my would-be subject in my viewfinder. At this point, I normally would have pressed the shutter button and this man wouldn't have even suspected that he'd been punk'd.

This time, my would-be subject lifted his eyes and faced my camera which was pointing right at him. Forget being caught red-handed; I might as well have been carrying the bloodied corpse on my back. All I could do was mouth the word "busted" and hope that this man wasn't armed.

Fortunately, he was...with a good sense of humour about this incident.

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