September 30, 2009

Quick News Bite: Snapped While Snapping Edition

I knew about this yesterday evening, but someone beat me to the punch in pointing this out before I blogged about it here. Have a look at this Globe & Mail article regarding yesterday's Busking For Change event; I'm in the accompanying picture with my camera to my face (in a blue jacket and jeans).

In other news, a Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle photo I shot yesterday is now featured at Wikipedia. That makes for five Wikipedia features since I upgraded my Flickr account (four with my DSLR, one with my point-and-shoot). Also, the photo shoot to end all photo shoots (i.e. Nuit Blanche) is getting closer and closer. I'm going to plan my evening for maximum impact very soon, but the weather forecast looks as if it's going to somewhat ruin things once again.

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