September 05, 2009


I watched Julie & Julia for the second time this morning. You know that scene where Julie (Amy Adams) discovers that her blog has been attracting comments from total strangers? Remember the happiness she felt upon her discovery?

That's similar to where I am at the moment, but this has nothing to do with comments.

When I checked my Flickr stats this morning, I had a feeling that it would be a good day. However, upon rechecking those stats later this afternoon, I was almost floored. Long story short: as I post this entry, I've exceeded 1000 views for the day; that number accounts for individual pictures as well as my photostream and my sets. I wouldn't be surprised if my U Of T Frosh Parade shoot has something to do with it, but when the smoke clears, who cares? I'm just glad that my photos are finally going beyond my walls.

To everyone who's been looking at my Flickr uploads from the start: you know who you are - and I wouldn't mind knowing, too. No matter what happens, thank you.

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