September 26, 2009

Old Faithful Helps Me Score

On my way to getting lunch at 10 Dundas East this afternoon, I noticed some hoopla at the Future Shop. I eventually found out that Brian Burke, President and General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, would be answering questions and having a meet-and-greet with hockey fans. Thankfully, I had Old Faithful (i.e. my Fujifilm point-and-shoot) in my purse today. Yes, I would have preferred to have my DSLR, but I don't always need to be carrying all of that bulk.

Between Burke's honesty with each question and one of the Future Shop staff in particular (I hope she knows who she is if she reads this), the visit was very enjoyable. This poor guy, however, might have wished that Burke wasn't so forthcoming with his opinions.

This pair of shorts got two sets of disses from the current Maple Leafs GM, the most memorable one being "Get your eyes checked." The rest of us ate it up, but for this photo's subject, it must have felt like the equivalent of letting in an easily-saved goal. Thankfully, he was gracious enough to let me take his photo without even knowing if I was with the media or the media.

After everything was over, I headed upstairs to buy lunch. (In case you asked - rotini with rosé sauce, pepperoni and chicken.)

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