September 06, 2009

Crossing The Line

While I was at a choir practice last Tuesday evening, I was telling a fellow choir member about my photography aspirations. During our conversation, she asked if I had any business cards. When I replied in the negative, she recommended that I go somewhere like Staples and get some printed. Four evenings later at Fiera, two people - count 'em, two - asked if I had any business cards.

I can take a hint.

I don't officially run a small business with this photoblogging gig yet, but it kind of feels like I do. I think if I was to get business cards printed, I'd be crossing the line; I'd seriously have to think about naming my business and registering with the government (among other things). I don't want to overextend my reach at the moment - I just want to go places and take photos. :-)

I will say this though - in my relatively short life, very few things have brought me pure joy and put me in the zone while doing them. Without question, I can say that when I'm taking photos and running my "business", I'm in the zone.


Anonymous said... - I need not say anymore - except get the mini cards - $25 (taxes and shipping in) for 100 killer quality cards. delivered in one week.

Tsar Kasim said...

Merci beaucoup, Mademoiselle Gale!

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