August 28, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

As I said previously, I took a lot of photos while attending BuskerFest yesterday. Even after judiciously deleting and cropping photos where necessary (and believe me, it was necessary), I still ended up with 409 megs worth of high-resolution photographs. Imagine how long it would take to upload them to my Flickr account all at once!

Even with that, I foolishly tried that earlier this morning, but after discovering that I indeed valued sleep, I cancelled the upload. Thankfully, after I woke up, I uploaded the rest of the photos in different stages.

I tried something different in my shoot yesterday: instead of taking small-sized photos (1936 by 1296 pixels), I took medium-sized ones (2896 by 1944 pixels). My thinking was this: if I didn't get the best view (or even if I did), my 18-55 mm lens might not have been able to capture the action in its entire frame. Since I'd probably need to crop photos when I got home, I didn't want to sacrifice resolution or quality.

I'm ultimately glad that I went this route, but man - there's a lot of (worthwhile) work involved!

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