August 20, 2009

Joy And Pain

Yesterday evening was supposed to be one my better ones. After having spent the day taking photographs at Toronto Botanical Garden & Edwards Gardens, I was looking forward to making my Flickr debut with photos which I thought were more than just up to snuff.

Before I upload photos, I usually make any necessary edits in Adobe Photoshop Elements (a scaled-down version of Photoshop). This usually means resizing, rotating and applying a bit of Smart Fix if necessary. I don't like doing the last thing too much; I try my hardest to get the settings correct when I actually take the photograph (i.e. white balance, exposure, etc...).

My usual process involves using the "Process Multiple Files" feature in order to sharpen and resize my photos in one shot. I also convert each file to JPEG Max Quality while using that feature. Yesterday, however, I did things a bit differently in light of my Flickr debut - I sharpened the photos and then resized them. I was planning to keep the high-resolution photos for the Flickr upload, but after sharpening them, I nixed that idea.

I decided that I'd upload the resized photos to Flickr, so using the "Process Multiple Files" feature, I resized the photos. What I didn't do this time around was check the "Convert Files To JPEG Max Quality" box; since I already did this during the sharpening, I thought that doing so again would have been redundant.

This seemed like a good idea at the time.

I looked at one of my photos - specifically, this one.

Look at the letters in "Toronto Botanical Garden"; there is obvious evidence of compression which I'm not used to seeing in my images. When I saw that last night, I lost it. I even came very close to deleting this batch of photos since, in my opinion, they weren't up to my usual standards. If it wasn't for the fact that a program was using them, I may have went through with that deletion and put myself in more misery.

As you should already know, I ended up uploading the compressed photographs. Despite their subpar standards, I still think I got some good shots yesterday. Sometimes, perfect is the enemy of the good; it almost became my enemy yesterday night.

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