August 25, 2009

First Kiss(es)

After my morning devotions (prayer and Bible reading), I charged my new camera's battery while I showered. When this was over, I slid it into the slot and prepared the camera for its first shots by attaching the lens, inserting the memory card and setting up a few options on the camera itself. (I attached the strap earlier this morning, before I slept.)

I took a few shots around my apartment which were nothing to write home about. I will say, however, that I'm impressed with the detail and resolution that the camera gives. My point-and-shoot camera gives me 72 pixels per inch; this new camera gives me a whopping 300, even when I take small-sized photos (1936 by 1296 pixels)! I'm also impressed with how fast my photos are transferred to my PC via my new card reader. Transferring one photo from my point and shoot might take seven seconds; mind you, I directly connect the camera to my PC via a USB cord. However, my card reader transferred about twenty pics this morning and the process took less than one second.* If only reading the 191-page user's manual could be done so quickly...

I look forward to my upcoming photo shoots: Rouge Park (Glen Eagles Vista) tomorrow and Toronto BuskerFest on Thursday.

*I used the fine JPEG setting this morning; this will be my default as I'm not comfortable working with RAW images yet.

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